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How long does it take my shipment to arrive?

Depends on where you’re going. Most companies offer a good faith delivery estimate based on average drive times, distances and seasonal volume.  In general, companies collect the final balance of your contract upon delivery, so they are anxious to get your shipment to you as quickly as their schedule will allow, but there are many factors that will affect the shipping schedule.

Keep in mind that the truck with your shipment may have other pick-ups or deliveries on the way to you, or it could encounter unexpected driving conditions along the way, such as construction or bad weather amongst other things.  Also, the large tractor trailers that will be carrying your shipment will be bearing a great deal of weight and not breaking any land-speed records on their way. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, consider that commercial carriers are bound by DOT regulations limiting the number of hours that they can be on the roads each day in order to ensure the safety of our highways, and these regulations are strictly enforced.  That means, while you may be able to drive through the night to get to your new destination, the trailer can take several days longer even without stops in order for the driver to be compliant with DOT regulations. If you receive shipping time frames from one carrier that seem to good to be true, there is a good chance that carrier will either not make those deadlines anyhow, or is simply not compliant with DOT regulations for driver’s logs.

In Empire City Moving we do our best to keep you in the loop about our shipping schedule.  You’ll get a call from Dispatch when your shipment is being loaded and the estimated arrival time of your shipment.  Frequently we arrive earlier than planned but occasionally road or weather conditions the delivery timeframe. Also, a delivery ahead of yours on the schedule may take longer that expected and that could cause delays as well.  Your driver will do his best to be in touch with you to keep you up-to-date on changes he has encountered.

To get the estimated delivery timeframe for your move, please contact our Relocation Specialists.  If you have specific requirements for delivery timeframes these should be discussed with the Relocation Specialist to determine if an expedited or a priority delivery is required, as well as to get pricing and availability on the schedule for your shipping needs.

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