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How do I schedule my move with the moving company?

You should always schedule your move with the moving company as far in advance as possible. Some moving companies (especially the good ones) are extremely busy, and you’ll have to reserve their services, manpower, and equipment in advance. You may even have to place a deposit to reserve the date for your move.

Is one day better for a move than another?

Just as with flying, certain days won’t be as expensive as others. With moving companies, however, this may vary. Check with your mover to see if he has a day that won’t cost as much for your move.

Will the moving company move my car, too?

Some moving companies are prepared to ship your car with a car carrier, but don’t be surprised if they don’t. You may have to contact an auto transport company to make those arrangements.

Can I have someone pack my things, and unpack them at my new address?

Movers and packers are accustomed to giving door to door service in the moving business. Local movers and long distance movers alike are trained in packing techniques to protect your belongings. This usually also includes disassembling furniture, such as bed frames, and reassembling them at the new address. If you choose the service of movers and packers, the fee will be based on the amount of time they spend on your move, and how much space your belongings take up in the moving van.

Is there a certain way I should pay?

You’ll get individual instructions from the moving company you hire, but in general, you’ll need a credit card to secure the move date. You can also use cashiers’ check to pay. If you’re using a credit card, it will probably be charged while your items are in transit. Cashier’s checks are delivered when your shipment is delivered.

Will I have to make a deposit with my home movers?

You probably won’t have to make a deposit for the move, but you may to reserve the date. At the very least, you’ll have to leave a credit card number so they have a record. If you try to cancel your move within a couple of weeks of the date, you may be subject to penalties. Each moving company has different policies, so check with yours to see what their policy is. Any deposit you make should be included in the moving quotes.

What happens if my things are lost or broken?

When you get your moving quotes, there should be information on insurance included. If the company is not bonded and insured, don’t sign a contract with them. Find another company. Find out what his policies are. The moving and storage company will offer you the chance to purchase extra insurance based on the number of pounds of your shipment. If you pack your own things, the moving company won’t insure them for breakage that occurs during transit.

Should I receive a BOL?

A BOL is a Bill of Lading, and yes, you should get one. It’s a contract you have with the home mover to have your goods transported. You’ll get a receipt from your moving company, and it basically serves as evidence that the items are yours if there ends up being a dispute.

Are there special rules if I’m having my things taken to a storage building rather than my new address?

The rules are pretty much the same for movers to take your belongings to a storage facility. Before you reserve a facility, make sure they will allow moving vans into the yard.

How long should it take to complete the shipment?

The amount of time your things will be in transit faces a lot of variables. Local movers will probably only take a day to complete your move, but if you’ve employed long distance movers to cross the state line, or even the country, the move could take over a week. Before you ever make a deposit on your move, find out what your moving company says. You do need to get a commitment from him, and most home movers will guarantee the date if you ask. Just get it in writing.

Someone told me that the moving company I talk to won’t even be the one moving my things. Is this true?

The probability is that you’ve been talking to the moving company itself. Sometimes, you may find that you’re dealing with a company with affiliates all across the country. They will organize your move, and send a number of movers your way to give you moving quotes. Usually, for a moving service to work with a moving company, it must have a good reputation, but do your own checking.

How do I make my choice between moving companies?

Just be sure to request references from each of the moving companies, and follow up on them. Search the companies on the internet, and get several moving quotes.