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Best Moving Guidelines

Understand your insurance options

It is easy to be lazy about checking the details of coverage. This is a mistake. As described in the “Moving Insurance” section of this web site, you have many options. To avoid many potential problems and additional costs be sure you have the right coverage.

Make sure you explain all the details of your specific move to the moving company

All the details of your home/apartment complex, a complete description of your goods, and any other relevant issues related to your move should be discussed in advance. Not doing so can trigger additional costs and cause you grief between you and your movers..The best way to handle a move is to have the moving company come to your home and give a personal on site estimate.

Get a binding estimate

It is good moving policy to get a signed and written estimate listing all the relevant details of your move. Failing to do so leaves you open to additional charges and unscrupulous moving companies. 

Make sure that your moving company is licensed and insured

Moving companies have to be licensed and insured. This is governed by the state for an in state move. If you are moving out of state then the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration of the Department of Transportation has jurisdiction.

Get an in home estimate whenever possible

Getting a quote over the phone is not always the best idea. Whenever possible it is best to request that your moving company come to your location to deliver a written estimate for your individual move.

Get multiple quotes

As with any other service, there are inexpensive and more expensive providers. It is best to contact at least three movers to discuss the details of your move and the associated costs. This is best done with personal in home estimates.

Ask about all charges

Many moving companies add extra charges along the way. It is best to understand these in advance to avoid disputes. Packing material, boxes, blankets, fuel, wait time, shrink wrap, and any other moving related services or supplies should be included in the written estimate.

Don’t choose a dramatically lower quote

Moving companies all have similar costs. When a company delivers a quote 40% lower than the others, this is a red flag. Unscrupulous moving companies sometimes pile on hidden charges or hold your goods hostage after quoting a move at half price. To god to be true is definitely true when reviewing moving quotes.

Check references before choosing a moving company

Most movers can provide references. It is good practice to check these references before finalizing which mover you will hire.

Check with the Better Business Bureau while reviewing your mover

If a mover consistently engages in unscrupulous practices then a record will often exist with the Better Business Bureau. Contacting them while reviewing your mover will often save you from potential problems. The can be found at

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